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    Thermal printers checks X-Printer has long been well proven in the market of POS-equipment, due to the reliability, durability of devices and quite reasonable price. The new budget model, equipped with enhanced functionality – Xprinter XP-N160I.

    The new Xprinter XP-N160I USB / WiFi has excellent features for a budget solution: the printer prints on a 80mm-wide thermal tape, supports all major (currently known) fonts, and also easily prints the brand logo. Thanks to its simple and ergonomic design, the loading of the receipt tape is quick and easy. The Xprinter XP-N160I printer is equipped with an automatic cutter, as well as a wireless WiFi module, which provides the widest functionality of the device. Power Supplybuilt into the printer, it will save space in the workplace. Xprinter XP-N160I USB / WiFi is equipped with a USB interface and can connect to any computer, all-in-one, POS terminal, laptop, etc. The print speed of the printer is 160mm / sec. Xprinter XP-N160I USB / WiFi can be successfully used in various fields: in the automation of restaurants and cafes, shops, boutiques, in bookmaker offices, pawn shops, in the hospitality industry and in many other manufacturing and hospitality industries.

    A complete list of characteristics of the printer checks Xprinter N160I USB:

    Printing method: Direct thermal printing (Direct Thermal);
    Print area width: 72mm .;
    Maximum number of points: 576 points / line;
    Print density: 203 DPI (8 points / mm);
    Print speed: 160mm / s;
    Line spacing adjustment: 3,75mm .;
    Printing material:
    Paper Type: Thermal paper (check tape);
    Paper width: 79.5 ± 0.5mm;
    Maximum roll diameter:
    Material density: Standard check tape;
    The method of separation of the check:
    Automatic check trim: There is;
    Type of cutting: Partial;
    Memory Buffer Size:
    NV Flash for images: 256kB (kilobytes);
    Receive Buffer: 64kB (kilobytes);
    Interface :
    USB port: There is;
    Wifi: There is;
    RS-232 port: There is;
    RJ11 port: There is;
    Input voltage: 220V, 50-60Hz;
    Outgoing voltage: 24V / 2.5A;
    Cash drawer : 24V / 1A;
    Functional characteristics:
    Cash drawer management: There is;
    Barcode printing support: There is;
    Character tables: PC347, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, WPC1252, PC866, PC852, PC858, PT151;
    Barcode Types: UPC-A / UPC-E / JAN13 (EAN13); JAN8 (EAN8);CODE39 / ITF / CODABAR / CODE93 / CODE128;
    Built-in thermal head heating control: There is;
    The presence / absence of paper sensor: There is;
    Shaft position sensor (cover not closed): There is;
    Paper end sensor: There is;
    Work resource:
    Abrasive resistance of the thermal head: 100km check tape;
    Work avtoobrezchika: 100 million operations;
    Terms of Use:
    Operating temperature: from 0 to + 45;
    Relative humidity during operation: 10-80%;
    Storage conditions:
    Storage temperature: from -10 to + 60 ℃;
    Relative humidity during storage: 10-90% (without condensation);
    Physical characteristics:
    Dimensions: 184 * 144 * 137mm .;
    Weight: 1.16 kg .;
    Shipping Weight: 2 kg .;
    Colour: The black.


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